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What is the characteristics of wireless walkie-talkies

For everyone to share the characteristics of wireless walkie-talkie.

        Radio walkie-talkie is not only a professional wireless communication tool in mobile communication, but also a consumer tool that can meet the needs of people's life with the features of consumer products. As the name implies, mobile communication is the communication between one party and the other on the move. It includes mobile users to mobile users, mobile users to fixed users, of course, including fixed users to communicate with fixed users, radio walkie-talkie is an important branch of mobile communications.

       It's a wireless, end-to-end point-to-multipoint communication device that can be used on the go, allowing many people to talk to each other at the same time, so many people can hear the same person at the same time, but only one person at a time . This communication method and other communication methods have different characteristics: instant communication, taking full advantage of one's demands, economical and practical, low operation cost, non-cost of calling, convenient and economical use, and also has the functions of group call broadcasting, system call and confidential call. In dealing with emergency emergencies, its role in the dispatch of command can not be replaced by other communications tools. Radio walkie-talkies and other wireless communication tools (such as mobile phones) have different market positioning and are difficult to replace with each other. Radio intercom is by no means an obsolete product. It will also be used for a long time. With economic development and social progress, people are more concerned about their own safety, work efficiency and quality of life. The demand for radio walkie-talkies will also increase day by day. The extensive use of public walkie-talkies and the promotion of radio walkie-talkies and landline telephones have become vehicles that people love and rely on.