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What are the main changes in the birth of the new economic model?

For China, the biggest problem for the new economy is credit. There is no bottom line innovation in the matter of decapitation. If asset prices go up, how can we fall?

In recent years, the great changes that have taken place in most countries' economic patterns are mainly the following trends:

First, under the mask of marketization, it is essential that the currency is dominated by the government.

If the renminbi is dominated by the government, it will also be regarded as the normal condition for developing countries and the developed countries.

Switzerland is a temporary member of the euro zone. On January 15, 2015, the SNB abruptly removed its vest members' vest and suddenly abolished the three-year exchange rate ceiling of 1.2 Swiss francs to 1 euro, causing turmoil in global financial markets. Looking Some positions of the empty Swiss franc warehouse.

The same is true in Japan: Former Bank of Japan chief economist Hayakawa Hidemune on July 20 lashed out at the Bank of Japan's current monetary policy, that Japanese banks spilled "a big lie." Every year the central bank eats more than 90% of newly issued bonds, and the balance sheet has drastically expanded or even exceeded 80% of the GDP. The Bank of Japan has become a rare perpetual motion machine in the world that achieves self-worth. He said the Bank of Japan should abandon the time frame of meeting the 2% inflation target within two years and admit that it will have to start to reduce the size of the debt.

Although the government has repeatedly issued a statement saying that the renminbi is stable, the renminbi once dwindled for the first time and the sudden rise in the downward course actually made the short sellers frightened. We can say that RMB begins