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  •  HUISHIDA Full Chinese operation, accurate display of the monitoring area location

    Built-in full Chinese menu, Chinese input, label name can be edited

  • HUISHIDA Camera in the "black box", intelligent storage, easier maintenance

    Support hot-swappable, power-off memory, ready to store commands

  •  HUISHIDA Automate the task function to achieve unattended

    Edit the work list according to the clock, perform various functions regularly every day,
    More intelligent monitoring, such as bank time charge money, high-risk areas and other special circumstances

  • HUISHIDA Stereo position indicator, quickly show the current location.

    No dead ends 360 ° monitoring area, outside the invasion of automatic voice alarm

  • HUISHIDA Environmental monitoring function, longer service life

    Real-time monitoring dome internal temperature, intelligent start fan and heating

  • HUISHIDA Built-in power protection circuit, stable response to complex environments such as different weather

    For video, communications, power protection circuit three

  • Green belt environment transmission distance up to two kilometers

    Distance comparison

    1 km are barely

  • In WIFI, video jammers and other wireless devices and more environment, the transmission is still stable.


    In wireless devices and more environment, transmission, intermittent.

  • Vertical penetration of up to 15-20 floors.

    Penetration strength

    8-10 layer is more difficult

  • Should be extremely sensitive, within about 0.1 seconds

    responding speed

    There may be some delay and intermittent distance or obstacles

  • Pure copper shrapnel, rebound feel good, long life, according to 50-60 million times.

    Material contrast

    No wiper design, can not clean infrared light and lens stains

  • Ultra-quiet fan, efficient cooling, stable performance

    All-metal structure and the timely and effective cooling fan is to ensure that the launch of low-temperature chips, increased heat vent structure, lower than conventional launchers, 5 degrees, longer life.

  • The main transmitter chip power, low power consumption, more stable performance

    Ceramic crystal, low power consumption, small heat,

  • Aluminum aluminum die-casting shell, high thickness, more solid

    Shell than other transmitters thick, and high density, more conducive to heat dissipation, high strength die-casting enclosure, impact resistance, and effectively alleviate high and low temperature on the transmitter internal impact.

  • Receiver with high sensitivity of the first high-frequency, strong signal reception

    Receiver with high sensitivity of the first high-frequency, strong signal reception

  • Easy to install, easy to operate and easy to modify channels

    Install the interface and plug with the market most of the accessories to match, easy to maintain quick.

HUISHIDA-BECAUSE OF FOCUS, SO PROFESSIONALProfessional because of full concentration

  • To win the trust of quality, we will provide you with the world's best quality products, high stability, low failure rate, long service life

    Always adhere to the international quality standards, strict control of quality

    Electromagnetic vibration test, salt spray test, powerful water jet test dozens of professional quality testing, and indeed
                 Paul every customer get high quality, high-quality products

  • own large factories, providing OEM services. Strong production capacity, advanced equipment, complete products, European and American brand customers shipping standards

    Its own factory, assembly line operations, seventeen years focused on camera, image transceiver products,
                 Long-term stability of the OEM orders and shipping standards, sharing lines with large brand customers

    Vendor direct supplier, save customers a lot of intermediate costs. Production staff mature and stable, guaranteed
                 Delivery period, allowing customers to receive goods on time



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Service hotline:020-83503817



Guangzhou HuiShiDa Electronics Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Guangzhou, Guangzhou Hui Shida Electronics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in R & D, manufacturing and sales of CCTV monitoring equipment. Over the past few years, with strong technical force, Has independently developed a high, medium and low-speed smart ball, digital command keyboard, infrared zoom camera, remote control, wireless monitoring and a series of security products....【MORE】

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